We Have Professional Registered Mentors Available for Mentoring Purposes

OBU Thesis Help is also providing mentoring services to its valuable customers. Collaborating with registered mentors has allowed us to offer you quality mentoring service in the UK and abroad. Since 2007, we have been engaged in building our services and we now we proudly announce that we offer mentoring service not only in the UK but in more than 120 countries worldwide. Thus, no matter where you are from, just let us know the country you are looking mentoring service in and we will hire a registered mentor for your OBU thesis from your selected country.

Prices of Online Mentoring Service from Registered Oxford Brookes University Mentors

You must know that mentoring service charges are between £1 - £500. In the UK, registered mentors usually charge up to £350 - £450, however, it solely depends on how professional and experienced they are and how many successful RAP thesis they have done mentoring in. As far as the mentors in other countries are concerned, they charge up to £200 - £300. Our mentoring charges differ considering the country you are looking mentoring service in. Thus, for registered mentor in the UK, the prices are £349 and for any other country it is £300. Here you can get your project mentor for your module BSc in Applied Accounting easily.

Should you want to hire us for your OBU mentoring, simply register with us and we will guide you through the rest of the process. Click here: https://www.obuthesishelp.co.uk/register

Are you an ACCA Qualified Member? Do you wish to become a registered mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a registered mentor follow the link below: https://www.oxfordbrookesmentoring.co.uk/mentors/register

We Claim to be the Best Mentoring Service Available Online – Find out how?

  • We have more than 400 registered mentors ready to assist you in your thesis
  • Every member is a registered mentor
  • Different mentor for different topic
  • Services are available in the UK and overseas
  • Our mentors provides feedback to each and every part of the OBU thesis
  • Our mentors give final checks to the completed thesis

Here are the benefits every mentor can get:

  • We will hire you as a mentor of many OBU RAP thesis
  • Best pricing for both customers and mentors
  • You gain professional experience