Our Process – From The Start Until Finished!

Easy & Simple

Here you will get complete understanding about Our Process that leads you towards a successful OBU thesis submission. Have a look below to the basic steps that you will go through when building relationship with us:

1. Interact With Our Agent Our online support representatives are always there to answer all your queries and concerns so that you get to know each and everything about us
2. Discuss About The Topic Provide the topic number you have chosen for your thesis. If you have not, ask us to suggest one
3. Hire a Mentor If you have already hired a registered mentor just order your RAP thesis. If you want us to hire one for you, ask us accordingly
4. Complete Payment Process Accepting payments globally via PayPal, Bank Transfers, MasterCard and all Credit/debit cards
5. Thesis Writing Begins The main process starts from here when our experienced and qualified writers start working on your selected topic. Share each part of the thesis with your mentor to attain the feedback
6. Amendments According to Mentor’s Feedback We take mentor’s feedback very seriously. Each and every required changes are made accordingly.
7. Final Completion and Delivery Thesis comprising of Project, SLS & Presentation is delivered to you for final submission. You get everything done within your specified deadline