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Abdul Jabbar - Saudi Arabia

Great help for both writing and mentoring

Egle Istovata - United Kingdom

Period 37 results are not out yet, though my mentor was fully satisfied with the work, thus, I am too. Nervous too lol

Jurenda M - Singapore

It was my last attempt and they came into my life as saviour. Recommended. But guys don`t give your feedback with your real name for security purposes, mine one is incomplete too.

Achintya – Australia

Did anyone from Australia use this service? If yes, please let me know how your experience was, my email address is [email protected]

Barbara – United Kingdom

I travelled all my way from Birmingham to London just to visit their office. They have a staff of more than 200 people. Impressive

Balaji – United Kingdom

Did not know so many people were using this website for their rap, secret revealed :P

Asaad – United Kingdom

I passed mine. Recommended

Adarsh – India

Can’t find any better website then this for my rap assignment.lol

Jonathan – Australia

I used this service for SLS and presentation only

Rania – Pakistan

I hired my own mentor and the thesis written by them had structure issues. They did it according to the feedback provided by my mentor. I’m still waiting for the results

Alejandro - Taiwan

Mentoring is very expensive here; cheap prices are available on other websites

Beenish – United States of America

Yayyy I passed it. Thanks a million :D

Akshita – India

4 out of 5 stars to overall service, however, it is just PASS which matters

Kashan Ali – Saudi Arabia

Did anyone from Saudi Arabia use this service? If yes, please let me know how your experience was, my email address is [email protected]

Sami - India

Thanks for letting me pass this shit

Nilsa- Macau

My thesis was passed in the second attempt, although they guaranteed it will pass in a single go –

Sara Yousuf– Saudi Arabia

I came very late for my thesis but thank god you people were there otherwise I could have missed my submission. Thanks a lot for helping me out in the rush hour

Jazzmin– United Kingdom

Thank you for assisting me in my most difficult time.

Ezekel- Namibia

I was searching this web in my email; I’m here to give a review of my experience. You guys saved my career, it was my third last attempt and I passed it. Thank you very much. 19th Sep – 2018

Zain-ul-Islam - Pakistan

Did not meet the deadline, but I will recommend you because you considered the submission deadline, the work seems good and my mentor is also satisfied. Waiting for the results

Hamid Afridi - Dubai

Good job. Thanks

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